A brief History

La Feria de los Moles “Una breve Historia” “La feria” was created by Pedro Ramos, a native of Puebla, in October 2008. Peter, inspired by the great recipes from her grandmother Doña Kaelita, is spacious knows the unmistakable flavors of spices, since from his childhood he watched his grandmother preparing the main course of every party in his hometown. The “mole” of Dona Kaelita, was the recipe most requested by all the inhabitants of the region.


40,000 Visitors

#1 in Flavor

Free Family Event

La Feria de Los Moles has more than 40,000 visitors and counting from all over the world. Join us! Rated Number #1 Gastronomic Event in Los Angeles, County where you can come and taste our Culture! Free Admission! Come Visit us at La Placita Olvera


 The biggest gastronomic event in Los Angeles

An event that attracts thousands of visitors each year and that enhances the richness of Mexican cuisine, thanks to one of its leading exponents, the mole.La Moles Fair is a great opportunity to taste the different flavors of known dish, ranging from the sweet, the balance and spicy. Only in the state of Oaxaca, there are seven different varieties of mole: red, black, coloradito, green, almond, chichilo and yellow.